About the art of Axel Deus

Things appear in many truths
being projected as shadows to all directions.


Axel Deus connects different media in his art work - for example photgraphy and sculpture. He implements their different ways of view or work, manifests multiple points of views in the subject of work. Deus´ central thesis: „Things appear in many truths being projected as shadows to all directions“.
Paul-Hermann Gruner


Art is - in opposite to design as remittance work - the only disziplin for ongoing the own way - without the constraint of social conventions and expected points of view. In every case, photography keeps beeing the center of my art work, combined with the surrounding space, sculpture, painting and others diciplines.

Digital media offer totally new opportunity for my work. Photography may easily change to a video or to a 3D object. Interactivity provides previously unknown chances to communicate with the visitor.

Despite the differences, all works have one common subject: man is the measure of all things. Allways one thing is very important for me: the visitor in communication with my exhibits.

Art work

Interactive photography
For photography, it's time to advance the standing picture to the interactivity of the multimedia world. Including sound and video, moving a photograph and making actions in the pictures' details gives the artist lots of new inspiring possibilities. The digital world unifies photography with differnet media and establishes new artistic expression.

Pastel-colores and three-dimensional looking abstract pictures invite to own imagination by the serial Inner Circle. A cauterized film is nolonger a photographic medium but an artistic object.
Totems, made of rusty steel, throw shadows of archaic symbols, while human silhouettes shine through smal wholes.
Headhigh revolving pillars made of cable reel, called "Drehkörper" ("revolving bodies"), project mud sumberged figures..
Apparitional appear faces in thick blocks of plexiglas ("Glaskörper"): once it is a portrait hidden behind colored layers, once it is the mirroring face of the visitor.
Nudes transferred to cotton demonstrate the violability of body ("Körperzeichen").
Installations with stelas out of splinters of wood symbolize the mental state, ironically counterpointed by slides mounted in milled wholes ("Traumzeit", "Hain der Zeit").

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